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Diagnostic essay Revised


    Professor Gasparo

    Composition 111 section 29

    24 January 2008 

    The best Job I have ever had

          I have done a lot of jobs in my life time, to earn extra cash and support myself, but I only have one favorite job of them all It was a job that was different every day. Throughout the last 10 years I have worked at a McDonalds, Sears, a warehouse, a car dealership, and even a train yard. I have had a lot of jobs through my teen and early adult years. I have currently been with the US Navy for the last 6 of those years and had many different jobs, even while in the Navy. 

                 I was 17 years old when I was I had the best job of my life. It was the 

    summer of my junior/senior year of high school. I worked for a power company called Alliant Energy. The job was only a summer job but it paid really well. My job required that I travel across the states of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  At that time, I loved to travel and hadn’t traveled all that far from home before that time, so it was the perfect job for me. The type of work I did was kind of unusual. I inspected power lines for damage and would make sure the power lines were up to code and up to date.  If the company was planning to

    Add new power lines in a particular area; I would mark where the power lines were to be placed.  I really liked the job because of the freedom. I was able to be outside as much as I wanted, I could take as long a lunch break as I needed and really didn’t have to answer to anyone as long as my job was getting done. My job was stress free and perfect for a kid in high school.

          My job had a few downfalls, just like any job does. For example, about my third week into my job, I was inspecting power lines near the Iowa and Minnesota state border. A landowner that thought, I was trespassing on his land, shot me at. I think he assumed I was a hunter because the company required us to wear orange vests when we had to inspect of foot.  When the guy realized whom I worked for, he felt extremely foolish and apologized. He even tried to defend his actions. For the time being I just had to let it go because I was in the middle of know where. I made it back to my truck and carried on like any other day. In hindsight, I probably should have called the cops on the guy but I cared

     about a lot less when I was 17 years old.

          This wasn’t my most exciting job ever, and I can’t even say I, “busted a sweat,” most days. The reason this was the best job for me is that nothing was the same everyday and every day was a new adventure. 


Professor Gasparo

Diagnostic Essay Revised

24 January 2008 

Burgers, Trains and the High Seas: Life’s Money Making Lessons.

                     I often think about the famous question in the movie Office Space, “ If you had a million dollars, what would you do?” My response to that. Absolutely nothing! I might 

do some traveling but I would never work again. I have had many jobs over the last 10 years. I would consider myself a, “jack of all trades”, and a master of none. The best job I have ever had is also, at times, the worst I have ever had.

                   I have had many jobs that have gotten me to where I am today and put some extra money in my pocket along the way. I started my first job at the age of sixteen. I remember the enthusiasm and zeal I had when I put on my McDonald’s uniform and apron. I felt like a true professional. I had the drive and initiative to make a sell a billion burgers all by myself. I would have slaughtered the cow myself for the seven dollars an hour. After working 3 years at a McDonald’s the humanity slowly sucked the life out of me and I went on to bigger and better things.

                 My money earning adventures led me to a lot of where I unloaded grain from train cars. I needed to make a little extra money for my senior prom. She was an expensive date. I also worked at a Sears, and a car dealership detailing brand new Cadillac’s during high school

. I got my first decent paying job out of high school. I worked in a farm supply warehouse driving a fork truck. That job wasn’t up my alley. I damaged more goods than I put onto semi trailers with my giant forklift. I then worked a temp job inspecting power lines. I absolutely loved working for the power company and I made really good money. I worked outside, traveled everything was great. But it was a temp job and it wasn’t a career. This was positively my favorite, “teen job”.  That job didn’t last long I needed something bigger in life. Something grand. I realized I needed get out of my tiny hometown. What better way than the Navy?

                  I joined the U.S. Navy for the same reason that most people do. I joined

            for a lack of better options at the time. I also knew that they would pay for my college, which I couldn’t afford by myself and my parents weren’t offering to pay my way.

                 The Navy started out exciting. I went to boot camp and learned about rules and regulations and got in shape. I learned a valuable lesson about discipline and structure that has helped make me the person I am today. The thing I like most about the Navy is that everyday is different. I get to change my job all the time. My first five years of service I worked on helicopter electronics. My job was to fix broken helicopters and maintain them. Our mission was to fly important dignitaries and admirals all over the world. I was even so lucky to be aboard Marine One, the Presidential helicopter. I as a small town kid would never have thought I would be doing and seeing the things I have seen. I have been around the world twice and have been lucky enough to see other countries and explore other cultures. My favorite place I have been was Israel. I was able to tour the Holy Land of Jerusalem. What an amazing site! Even, if you are not religious you will love this city.

                          The reason I say the navy is also sometimes my worst job, is because, I have had to see the bodies of many dead people. A Marine, 2 sailors and many people I helped in the relief efforts of Bangladesh, India. Tornadoes severely ravished the area leaving hundreds of people dead in the water and surrounding area. It was a very gruesome site. I also dislike the Navy when I have to say goodbye to friends I have made. It seems whenever you are comfortable with how friendships are going with your shipmates or co-workers, somebody gets shipped someplace new. I love the Navy and at hate it. It’s bittersweet. When I left for the Navy 7 years ago. I wasn’t just choosing a job. I was choosing a way of life.


So long! My mondays and wednesdays are finally free!

The end of the semester is here, the time has gone by fast and really seemed like we just started. The people in the class were awesome. I don’t think I have met a better group of people. The students in our class have come from all different walks of life. We had people from all over the country and some that were born and raised in Virginia Beach. I believe a relationship even started with two of my fellow class mates, which is kind of fascinating. I hope the best for them. I hope they make it.                             

It was a bit of an oddity to have two home schooled people in our class. For at least one, it was his first college experience. I felt a little bad for him because he was not used to classroom setting and I believe it made him feel un-comfortable at times. I think there are a lot of stereotypes pertaining to homeschooled kids. If they wouldn’t have told me they were home schooled I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

I have a lot of respect for my instructor. I think it is a cool thing that he went through the community college ranks all the way up to his Masters Degree. I hope to achieve the same thing one day. I liked Mr. Gasparo’s teaching style. Most of the community college teachers remind me of high school teachers. Mostly because they actually teach high school and teaching community college is just a second job. I liked how it wasn’t all things taught from the book. I did feel that there was too much homework. I found it hard to keep up at times. I think it was mostly because the projects for this class took up a lot of time and time I do not have a lot of. I also could have dealt with less, days off at the end of the semester. I feel it caused a rush to get homework and projects completed when perhaps we could have ended the semester with 1 or 2 less assignments for the grade book.

I particularly liked the lessons of rhetorical appeals. I had no understanding of what they were until I entered this class. I think that has helped me develop my writing style.  I learned about MLA formatting and how much I really hate it. Especially, when it comes to citing materials. I greatly prefer APA style of writing to MLA.  My favorite assignment was the argument essay. I liked doing the research and was motivated to complete a great paper. I also was able to refresh on my library reference skills since I have not used them in about 7 years when I was last in school.

I would have liked to learn more about citations. I felt I walked away a little weak on that. I also needed a little bit more confidence on developing thesis statements.  But all in all, I know I will be just fine in my next composition class. I have to tools to find the information that I need.        Nick